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Thông điệp từ Terumo

Thông điệp từ Terumo

Contributing to society through a commitment to ‘Gentle’ health care

Committed to Gentle Health Care

Since Terumo was founded in 1921, we have maintained the same Corporate Philosophy: 
Contributing to Society through Health Care. 
Throughout our history, we have remained committed to the safety of health care. In the 1960s, we developed the first disposable syringes and needles in Japan, in order to prevent infectious diseases. We subsequently launched the first blood bag and the first IV solution soft bag to be manufactured in Japan. 

In the present day, dramatic progress in health care technologies is transforming the needs of medical institutions. Amidst these changes, we express our commitment to health care through our vision statement: ‘Gentle’ Health Care. 
It is not enough to save patients: we must also ensure that our patients feel more at ease by reducing medical malpractice and accidents. We must also minimize the pain, discomfort, and physical and mental anguish patients feel from diagnosis and treatment surgery. 
At the same time, it is necessary to greatly reduce the time, cost, and risks of healing the side effects of health care - surgical scars and other unwanted effects other than the illness or injury itself. This will bring more efficiency and economic to medical institution.
I believe that at its core, the medical device industry is people-friendly, or in other words, ‘Gentle’. As we pursue this core value, we remain committed to improving our technologies and services that will help us achieve ‘Gentle’ Health Care, and contribute to society as well.

Responding to increasingly diverse health care needs 
In order to achieve ‘Gentle’ Health Care, it is also necessary for medical professionals to use medical devices correctly. We thus opened the Terumo Medical Pranex West in 2002, and the Terumo Medical Pranex East in 2007, as practical training institutes for achieving this goal. In addition to providing training to medical professionals, facilities serve as centers for the development of medical devices that meet the actual needs of medical institutions. 
In this way, we offer complete solutions, including both “hard” solutions - product development - and “soft” solutions - such as training - in order to meet the needs of medical institutions. We also look for new solutions together with medical professionals. I believe that this attitude will be demanded even more strongly in the future. 
Needs for products themselves are also becoming increasingly diverse. One example of these is our commitment to home and preventive medical care, which are becoming increasingly vital as Japan’s society ages and health care costs rise. We are helping to popularize and improve the quality of home and preventive health care by developing medical devices that patients and their families can use at home easily and securely, and by providing accurate and correct information about day-to-day health management. 
Over the past few years, Terumo has also been actively expanding its businesses globally, and it is vital for us to develop products from this perspective as well. Needs differ according to national and regional culture, medical circumstances, and other factors, and we strive to offer products that best meet the needs of each location. 
It goes without saying that as a company contributing to society, we must also develop products to reduce environmental impact, including reducing the amount of waste produced. We are committed to a development style that can achieve this while at the same time ensuring safety at a high level.

Spreading and maintaining our vision 
People are the driving force behind of our many initiatives. At Terumo, we have always held people-based management as one of our management policies. Based on our philosophy that associates are an asset and not a cost, we have strived to attain our vision of a company that grows in balance with its people through work. As we continue to globalize our businesses, we will unfailingly maintain and spread this vision. 
Provide ‘Gentle’ Health Care, and ‘Contribute to Society through Health Care.’ It is Terumo’s social responsibility to pursue and maintain this Corporate Philosophy. We will continue to advance a wide range of activities, while renewing this idea.

July 2007 
Akira Takahashi

Representative Director & President

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